Lalique Glassware

Whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoy a little everyday luxury, browse our exquisite collection of Lalique glassware.

The Lalique glass range is perfect for showcasing a range of beverages. Each piece has its own unique modern design and a distinct crystal finish, making Lalique glassware a flawless accompaniment to any drink.

Featuring Lalique stemware such as delicate champagne flutes and crystal wine glasses that are both beautiful and practical in style, these Lalique glasses are designed to improve aromas and tastes.

We also supply an assortment of Lalique tumblers and shot glasses, as well as crystal brandy and spirit glasses, so every guest can surround themselves with the elegance of Lalique glass while enjoying their beverage of choice.

For ultimate French craftmanship at your table, choose Lalique glassware from David Shuttle. Or discover our full collection of crystal barware and add a flawless finish to your dining experience.