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With an illustrious history, Robbe & Berking have skills to a degree that is quite unsurpassed.

Superlative excellence is something quite rare in the fine dining industry. With an illustrious history, Robbe & Berking have mastered the skills of the silversmith to a degree that is quite unsurpassed. This deservedly obliges them to state: "Cutlery and tableware from the silver manufacture of Robbe & Berking are unequalled masterpieces of the silversmith's art."

We have been proud to work with Robbe & Berking since 1985, and have joined them in numerous anniversary celebrations. Usually when one mentions new patterns, fears grow about the availability of previous lines, as we assume older patterns will be phased out. This is simply not the case with Robbe & Berking, so confident are they with their product range and company stability they have guaranteed their entire silver range until 2040.

A pure style of design and the highest standards of workmanship have for over 130 years been the hallmark of the collections of the German silverware manufacturers Robbe & Berking. Unchanged for today's fifth generation is the founder's often quoted motto: "Others may do it more cheaply - but no-one may do it better than we do".

Management of the house of Robbe & Berking has passed down from father to son four times. Out of a small workshop in Flensburg has grown today's largest German manufacturer of silver cutlery - at the same time a synonym for silver worldwide. Today, 5th generation descendant Oliver Berking has charge of the famous silver-manufacturing traditions.

Even today, the work of the Flensburg workshop is hallmarked, by the painstaking skill of the true craftsman and their love of detail. One will find leading international restaurants and hotels are equipped with Robbe & Berking silver, such as the Palace of the King of Jordan or the four official guest residences at the Kremlin. Even in the new Federal Chancellery in Berlin, every meal is accompanied with Robbe & Berking silver.

Within the UK you will find Robbe & Berking cutlery and hollowware at esteemed hotels such as the Dorchester on Park Lane. Technical Information: Dishwasher Safe. According to the European standard RAL-RG 604 Robbe & Berking cutlery is Dishwasher-Safe. This is defined as being able to withstand washes in the most powerful dishwasher. Robbe & Berking are so confident in their product that they actively encourage the end user to use their cutlery on a day to day basis.

150g (60 microns) Massiv Silver-plate. This silver plating standard was introduced in 1969 by Robbe & Berking, and today is still the highest level of silver-plate available on the market. In short the silver coating of Robbe & Berking is two thirds thicker and, under the same conditions, it will last two thirds longer. In addition to this Robbe & Berking also guarantees a surface hardness of 150 microvickers (instead of the usual 130) which further increases the firmness of the surface and thus the durability.

925/000 Sterling Silver is the recognised international standard for silver. It contains 925 parts of silver and in Robbe & Berking's Sterling Silver only 75 parts of copper. Sterling Silver is defined as having 92.5% silver in the metal, any more and the alloy would be too weak. Its origin arose from the Sterling silver coin that required strength to be used as currency and silver to justify its value.