Part of the classic collections by Waterford Crystal, Colleen resonates with the rich heritage of the past using a shape which has been popular since the 18th century.

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Colleen has a truly distinctive design which is perfect for those wanting a quintessentially traditional dining experience.

Along with Lismore, Colleen has to be the most celebrated design in the history of Waterford Crystal.

Internet research reveals that the name Colleen derives from the Celtic word ‘girl’. So – not a great deal of originality with the name, but the crystal design itself is simply stunning.

It possesses the richness of antique leather, of panelled walls and opulent interiors. Its intense ‘hobnail’ cut appears to attract a special luminescence – a light of great intensity.

Waterford Colleen is almost certainly the most traditionally appealing, yet timeless of all the designs from Waterford Crystal.