Feeling festive? Discover our exclusive collection of Christmas gifts for your loved ones. From Christmas themed pottery to Swarovski’s exclusive collection of Christmas ornaments, David Shuttle is here to help make the most festive day of the year feel even more memorable.

Swarovski Christmas Collection

Celebrate Christmas whenever you want with Swarovski's festive collection. Colourful crystal decorations to adorn your tree or living room. The Swarovski Annual Edition Snowflake Ornament is particularly a favourite for this collection.

Emma Bridgewater Christmas Collection

Emma Bridgewater’s Christmas collection gives you an excuse to get excited about the festive season. Discover collections such as Christmas Holly and Winterberry as well as a range of Christmas patterns and scenes.

Villeroy & Boch Christmas Collection

Whether you want to cosy down next to an ambient festive lantern at Christmas or bring joy into your home with Villeroy & Boch’s imaginative Christmas fairy-tales dinnerware and decorations, it couldn’t be easier to create that festive feeling for the holidays.