Relief Maps

MOVA relief map globes feature bright blue oceans combined with shading and colour-coding to depict the earth's unique topographical features.

World globes that you remember as a kid, but with a sleek look and updated features that make it a modern decor must-have. Swirls of white and red lines show ocean currents, while each landmass is depicted in green and brown shades that show terrain features - every mountainous region and desert is clearly shown. This level of detail combined with vibrant colours make this MOVA Globe as attractive as it is informative.

How do MOVA Globes work?

Each handcrafted globe mingles vibrant artwork with our patented technology for flawless rotation without batteries or messy cords. Hidden solar cells use ambient light for power, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque. These elements work in unison to power a whisper quiet mechanism, allowing the globe to rotate within a clear outer shell.

If you want to find out any more information, go to our in-depth guide to how MOVA Globes Work.

Have any questions about MOVA Globes?

Simply to go to our MOVA FAQ page to find out more information.