Baccarat Crystal has, from the beginning, affixed its signature on strong works illustrating all facets of artistic craftsmanship and covering a vast repertoire of inspiration. In 1764, King Louis XV of France gave Bishop Montmorency-Laval of Metz permission to found a glassworks in the village of Baccarat, located in Lorraine in eastern France.

Baccarat Crystal illustrates all facets of French craftmanship, affixing its signature on strong artistic works. Designed using a vast repertoire of inspiration, the award-winning Baccarat glass is known for transforming crystal into the luxury we have today.

In 1764, King Louis XV of France allowed Bishop Montmorency-Laval to found the Baccarat glassworks in a town of the same name in eastern France. Over 3,000 workers produced stemware, mirrors and window panes until 1816, when the first Baccarat Crystal oven was operated.

Since Baccarat was commissioned by royalty in 1823, Baccarat Crystal has continued to symbolise excellence, innovation and grandeur. Baccarat glass evolved with its times to offer beautiful collections of tableware, interior decorations, lighting and jewellery.

Baccarat Crystal was created by the finest French designers more than 200 years ago. Now the magnificence of Baccarat glass remains unrivalled, relying on its talented craftsmen and technical innovation to sustain its splendour.