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MOVA Uranus 4.5 Inch Globe

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MOVA Uranus 4.5 Inch Globe
MOVA Uranus 4.5 Inch Globe
Key Features
MOVA Globes
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Size dimensions:
4.5" or 11.5cm (Diameter at Widest Point)
1 Year Warranty
Product Description

MOVA Globes are designed to rotate silently on their own, using the power of light and Earths' magnetic field. Click here to see how MOVA Globes work.

In the far reaches of the solar system lies Uranus, known as an "ice giant" due to its cold temperatures and cool blue shades. A planet shrouded in mystery, few know of its beautiful medley of sky blue and azure tones or its slender, dark rings. MOVA have taken real satellite images supplied by NASA to create a scaled down model of this underappreciated planet in rarely seen clarity.

The MG-45-URANUS comes with a clear acrylic stand, however there are more MOVA Globe stands to choose from right here.

Have any questions about MOVA Globes? Simply click here to go to our MOVA FAQ page.

-Turns using ambient light

-Hidden magnets provide movement

-No cords or batteries

-Uses images from NASA

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