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Riedel Drink Specific Nick & Nora Glasses (Pair)

£32.50 £26.00 (Save 20%)
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Riedel Drink Specific Nick & Nora Glasses (Pair)
Riedel Drink Specific Nick & Nora Glasses (Pair)

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Key Features
Care instructions:
All Riedel glassware is dishwasher safe. Please use a good quality detergent and always use the glassware setting on your machine. Do not overcrowd your dishwasher so that your glassware is in contact with other items.
Drink Specific
Fine Crystal
Product code:
Size dimensions:
15.3cm (Height)
Product Description

The Nick & Nora ensures an effortless and chic sip, delivering the drink without forcing the tilt of the head.

The innovative machine-made cocktail glass Nick & Nora of the functional glass collection RIEDEL Barware makes it possible to savour the drink effortlessly and elegantly by delivering it perfectly to the mid-palate so that you do not need to tilt your head back. The timeless thriller "The Thin Man" is remembered not only for its mysterious criminal case but also for its Martini-loving main characters.

The Nick & Nora Glass was named after them. The RIEDEL BARWARE DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE is made in collaboration with spirits specialist Zane Harris, answering the need for cocktail-specific glassware among restaurants and bars with six glasses perfected for thousands of cocktails. The glasses are based on the traditional serves for seven classic cocktails: The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Sour, Peasant, Buck and Julep. Working in partnership with Riedel, Harris created each glass giving specific attention to its size, shape, volume and capacity for ice, a concept in its totality never before explored by any glassware company.

"Ice has the greatest influence in glassware design as it is in practically every drink, not just the cocktail," notes Harris. "RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE ice glasses are designed to seamlessly answer two of hospitality's greatest frustrations- liquid displacement and the distorted consumer perception of being underserved."Each unique glass in the RIEDEL BAR DRINK SPECIFIC GLASSWARE collection is crafted in Riedel's family-owned factories. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.

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